Sarongs – “Sarongs” cassette


This eponymous debut by Sarongs is a co-release between Velidoxi and Prison Art.

A limited run of 50 tapes and digital downloads are available via

Hear the first track “Pedestrian” above, and/or download it here: ‘Pedestrian’ – Sarongs cassette

1. Pedestrian
2. North Face
3. Blowhard
4. Pixel
5. Police Chase
6. Mineral
7. Goodbye Horses


Picture and words from the Prison Art website:

“Shotgun blast evil surf from Syracuse, NY. Born in Lindsey’s beer-soaked attic when everyone would get together and play really loud and people would usually show up and get really shitfaced and a show would happen. Socio-political taunts bellowed over searing riffs and quick-snap time changes that hit the city like a tire iron to the ribs. It was everything we needed up there: dark, immediate, brash, honest. Then graduation rolled around and Lindsey moved to L.A. and that was the end of it. It’s our pleasure to release this first tape of songs compiled from a number sessions the band did last winter when we were all buried under 6 feet of snow and there wasn’t anything to do but make something that burned.”


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