Irish Goodbye


Irish Goodbye is a short film based on an extraordinary true story about a community pulling together to help a man in an existential nosedive. This raw and humane dark-comedy tracks a day in the life of Thom, a property manager whose abundance of empathy is easily abused. Thom is dutifully redressing his tenants’ issues when he is faced with a crisis far beyond his job description. Scott, a middle-aged tenant, has slipped into a freefall of substance abuse and destruction. When confronted about his malignant behavior, Scott justifies his actions by claiming a recent diagnosis of terminal cancer…but should Thom believe an addict? The turbulent situation spirals from bad to worse, until the eccentric community steps in and enables them to transcend.

The genesis of this film – and the life force that came from shooting it – was transformative. We were still submerged in the quagmire when this film was written and shot. No one could slow this man’s descent — not his family, medical professionals, nor the law. Finding ourselves at a dead end and running out of time, the community pulled together to make this film with him. This project was a desperate, last-gasp attempt to pull him out of his tailspin, and miraculously, it brought about absolution and transformed everyone involved.

The film is a fictionalized scripted narrative. The key events in this film occurred in actuality during the two weeks preceding the writing of the screenplay. The film was shot a week later in the exact same locations, using the incidentally damaged property as set-design and the actual people as actors. Everyone portrays themselves on screen, including Scott and Thom.

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