Elias Gwinn



My name is Elias Gwinn…or as the email servers know me: elias [at] velidoxi [dot] com

These are some of my projects…

– Velidoxi is a paradigm designed to be a substrate for art – music, motion pictures, and beyond.  It’s a platform to do, make and curate.

—- ‘Masters From Their Day‘ is a series of short documentaries.  In each installment, you follow a band (Deerhoof …. Cymbals Eat Guitars …) and a music producer (John Agnello … Chris Shaw …) as they produce a new single in just one day at a world-class studio.  The latest in this series is viewable below.

—— engineered and/or produced records w/ Oneida, Rhys ChathamMan Forever, Rubblebucket, People Of The NorthSummer People, Annie and the Beekeepers, The Library Is On Fire, and a buncha other amazing artists.  Here are some tracks that I produced/recorded…listed with the respective (and respectful!) artists:

- Click here to see videos that I’ve produced, directed, and/or edited. Here are a few examples: