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Velidoxi is a production company. We produce music and motion pictures (music videos, web/TV series, documentaries, movies). We specialize in the coalescence of music and motion picture.

Elias Gwinn is the owner and director of Velidoxi.  Gwinn has been producing music professionally since 2005, and producing motion pictures since 2010.  Gwinn has had the pleasure of working with many amazing artists, including Deerhoof, Cymbals Eat GuitarsOneida, and Rubblebucket.  Gwinn’s work can be seen and heard here:

Velidoxi collaborates with many amazing and talented people from our community of artists and artisans – all of whom call upon each other to fulfill the needs of each production.  We are lucky and grateful to be surrounded by such amazing talent, skilled hands and sharp minds.

We are music producers, video producers, writers, editors, and technicians. We produce in-house projects, and we are also contracted to work on projects for third parties, such as independent artists, record labels, web TV stations, webzines, and other organizations.

You should email us if you would like to create together – VELIDOXI at VELIDOXI dot COM.