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Irish Goodbye

“IT’S WHEN YOU LEAVE WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE…YOU JUST VANISH.” Irish Goodbye is a short film based on an extraordinary true story about a community pulling together to help a man in an existential nosedive. This raw and humane dark-comedy tracks a day in the life of Thom, a property manager whose abundance of empathy is …

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Answering The Call

ANSWERING THE CALL is a short documentary that celebrates the work of our community heroes and inspires others to ‘answer the call’ and join the fight. Everyone loves heroes – those called to selflessly battle for good. However, community heroes are rarely exalted; their triumphant journeys hardly chronicled. This is unfortunate because the battles fought …

Telepathy News - S/T EP

Telepathy News – ‘Chain-Link Fence around the Sun’

Chain-Link Fence Around the Sun by Telepathy News Telepathy News is the transmission of one mind – Andrew Nerviano – who intertwines lap steel guitar and vocals over a frenzy of colorful noises and rhythms. Nerviano’s previous projects include the defiant surf-no-wave-punk outfit Sarongs, and his fantastical electric guitar based project The Inverted Orange. Velidoxi is …

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Deerhoof in ‘Masters From Their Day’ #6

For a free download of this song, and/or to view more episodes of ‘Masters From Their Day’, go to Please share and subscribe! In their episode of Masters From Their Day, Deerhoof collaborate with an outside producer/engineer for the first time in their extensive career…and quite the producer it is. Chris Shaw has been …

MFTD5 Still

Cymbals Eat Guitars in ‘Masters From Their Day’ #5

In this episode of Masters From Their Day, Cymbals Eat Guitars bring a brand new song into Dreamland Recording Studios to finish ripening it and harvest it as a record. They had just written the song two weeks earlier, and had only rehearsed it a few times. Many changes were to be made to that song …

Fete d'Adieu still

Deerhoof music video for “Fete d’Adieu”

  Velidoxi’s Elias Gwinn directs this official music video for “Fete d’Adieu”, Deerhoof’s first single from their new album ‘Breakup Song’.  The video premiered on Pitchfork on September 4, 2012, the day of the album’s release.  

Sarongs 12" LP

Sarongs – “Sarongs” (12″ LP)

Sarongs 12″ LP, “Sarongs”, is the follow-up to the 2011 cassette release, “Sarongs“. What the VU were to AW, Sarongs are to Satan. If you haven’t heard of Sarongs, it’s because they’ve been hiding in the rafters of your basement, under the stairs, behind the boiler….. And when you least expect it……….. Sarongs (12" LP) …


Summer People – “TEAMWORK” LP

Velidoxi and Low Light Records are supremely honored to co-release this newly-remastered album on vinyl and digital formats. In the winter of 2011, all seven members of Summer People holed up at Velidoxi Artist Residency for three weeks to make an album. Luckily, we had Frank-dogg on hand to keep the humanity in tact, because …


‘Masters From Their Day’ #4

  John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dino Jr., Kurt Vile) produces the track “Out In The Cold” with Sherlock’s Daughter at Manhattan Center Studios for the fourth episode of


Sarongs – “Sarongs” cassette

This eponymous debut by Sarongs is a co-release between Velidoxi and Prison Art. A limited run of 50 tapes and digital downloads are available via Hear the first track “Pedestrian” above, and/or download it here: ‘Pedestrian’ – Sarongs cassette 1. Pedestrian 2. North Face 3. Blowhard 4. Pixel 5. Police Chase 6. Mineral 7. Goodbye Horses …